As they sit down to meditate, many people carry on their shoulders a heavy expectation that is bound to crush their motivation quickly. In their mind, meditation is supposed to turn off all thoughts and bring bliss.

We all know too well the scenario that plays out instead: as we wiggle to and fro from the discomforts of our yogic sitting posture, all sorts of mundane thoughts dash through our mind and prevent us from connecting with the "divine". Exasperated with our inadequacy, we quit.

But perhaps it is time to challenge the assumption that meditation is about silencing the mind.

When people shut out all thoughts and emotions as they meditate, they usually do so in the belief that these aspects of themselves are obstacles on their path toward a divine, no matter what face it carries.
Yet as our philosophy changes, so does our approach to meditation. If you see "the divine" in yourself as much as you see it in the outside world and beyond, then you recognize anything coming from your inner self as a divine message. Unfortunately, daily pressure, stress, and distraction have gagged that inner voice. Meditation is an opportunity to help it speak clearly again and to realize your own unique expression of life.

This being said, you still do not wish to get caught up in the arbitrary firings of your mind as they happen especially during the early stages of your meditation practice. Man being a lazy creature of habit, we are not eager to confront our true selves and grow. Thus, our overzealous ally, the subconscious will do anything to break us away from our process of self-improvement.

The key is not to suppress your thoughts and emotions, but rather to notice them and allow them to move on. Learn to distinguish whether a thought is worthwhile or not. If it is, be open to whatever else your inner self has to tell you in the matter. In other words: listen to your intuition again. It is the embassador of life within yourself.

As you are meditating to hear your unique voice once more rather than erase all trace of your personality, you are in fact undertaking the most difficult, and also the most rewarding journey a person can ever embark on. Life is an expedition to uncover ourselves. No one else can teach you the lessons you need to learn about yourself. No one can tell you who you are better than you yourself can.

Meditation, therefore, should not be considered as a time when we do yet more violence to our inner voice. Meditation instead is an opportunity to visit with our selves and learn more about who we are.





























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